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2024 Lenten Theme: "Here I Am Lord"

There is a powerful Hebrew word that sums up three words in English.  The word is Hineni (הנני), which means “Here I am!” and throughout the Bible this profound Hebrew expression emerges at significant moments where discipleship meets faithfulness and spontaneity.   We find Hineni in the prayers of Abraham, Moses, Samuel and Isaiah (see Genesis 22:1, Exodus 3:4, 1 Samuel 3:4, and Isaiah 6:8).

When God approached Abraham to ask Abraham to offer his only son Isaac as a sacrifice, Abraham responded, “Hineni!” not knowing what God was about to do (Genesis 22:1).   Moses heard a summoning voice emanating from the burning bush, leading him to also respond, with "Hineni" -- "Here I am!" (Exodus 3:4).  God called out to the young Samuel three times before Samuel finally responded, “Hineni!" (1 Samuel 3:4).  In a visionary encounter, Isaiah received his prophetic calling, and when God inquired, "Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?" Isaiah passionately answered, "Hineni! Send me!" (Isaiah 6:8).

Some translations include a “Behold” with the “Here am I” statement, emphasising that the person saying it is present and ready for action. It is sometimes used by children expressing readiness to submit to their parents’ requests.  It is, in this sense, an appropriate way to respond to God the Father whenever He calls.  The Almighty God's wish should be our command.  So, are we Ready?  Alert?  Attentive?  Receptive?  Responsive?  to the Lord our God? 

‘Here I am, Lord’ is a simple and powerful prayer to commemorate the season of Lent and prepare oneself for Easter.  Perhaps this year's FAST24 Lenten experience can change your world if you allow it to change this moment in your life.  

Join us at FAST24 on 1st-2nd March 2024 at the Parish of Our Lady Queen of Apostles in Riverton, Western Australia.  

At FAST24 Perth, we usually begin with the Eucharistic Fast from Friday evening (e.g. with the Way of the Cross at twilight), which culminates in the Eucharistic Feast on Saturday evening Vigil Mass.  

Participants gather for community meal together on the Friday at 5.30pm for a last supper before the fast begins, and after the Saturday evening Mass finishes to break the fast together. 

Participants have the option to join in our annual cardboard campout/sleepout, which is a fun and meaningful way to reflect on the daily things we take for granted, as well an introductory experience of solidarity with the homeless.

Are you interested in a faith renewal experience?  Join us for FAST24!

Dates: Fri 1st & Sat 2nd March 2024.  

Venue: Church of Our Lady Queen of Apostles

Address: 55 Tudor Ave South, Riverton, Western Australia 6148.

FAST24 is a great way to prepare ourselves spiritually as a community of faith journeying together through Lent, towards Easter and the celebration of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

At FAST24, we devote 24 hours for the Lord through fasting, praying, learning and growing in faith together as a Christian communityThe FAST24 Experience, which began in 2016 as a platform to promote Catholic identity, mission and vocation, is today a growing community of Christians who want to make a difference in the world.

Take part with family and friends in: workshops, community-building games, overnight sleepout/camping, meditative reflections / prayer, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Sacrament of Reconciliation, and the Mass.

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